Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Fancy Shower

I had my second and final baby shower last weekend and it was so beautiful! I had a marvelous time, and was so incredibly blessed and showered with many useful baby gifts. The shower was decorated in the colors of the nursery - green, pink and orange. They had pink punch that everyone was drinking out of baby bottles (with a straw, not sucking through a nipple), delicious brunch food, and great decorations. So, here are some pics from the event.
The beautiful centerpieces, bottle with punch, and the tablecloths
were all in the colors.

Soon-to-be grandma (still working on what her name will be), and good
friend, Liz watching as I begin opening gifts.
A close-up of Micah and I's baby pictures which were hanging from
the food table's centerpiece.
Grandma "Suzu" (my mom), and I with some adorable baby hats
made by Gigi Graham.

The food table.
Look at the cute tablecloths! I have such great friends, and network of support from my church too that they would all come.
I was definitely standing by the food- it was so good! The centerpiece
decoration was a spray painted branch in orange, with baby picture of Micah and I, and baby accessories hanging from it, like bibs, spoons, teething rings, pacifiers...

It was such a fun morning, and an incredibly memorable event and welcome to the world for Daisy. Thanks to everyone who was able to come and for all the amazing and helpful gifts! This is one loved little girl that is about to be born.

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