Monday, June 21, 2010

Seared Tuna Steaks with Wasabi Butter Sauce

Yes, that was dinner the other night. MMM, it was so delicious with capital "m's". I salt and peppered the raw steaks, and then using a cast-iron grill pan, I seared the tuna on both sides, about 2 min. total per side (I like them nice and rare in the middle). The recipe for the Wasabi-Butter sauce can be found here. I served it alongside a bitter green salad of baby arugula and romain with mango, sesame seeds and chives. It was delicious! In case you make this at home and you don't think it was as good as I claim, you may have to forgive me because it was my first meal coming off a week-long diet cleanse! This was a surprisingly simple dinner but it looks oh-so-fancy! Bon apetite!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Finished Nursery

You thought I was finished blogging? No, just taking a sebatical! Those are needed every once in a while.

I never posted pics of the finished nursery, mostly because it wasn't finished until, oh this last week! The bedding was finished around 6 months, the window valance around Daisy's 7.5 month birthday, and the painting I commissioned at 7.5 months, well that was completed this last week. So, it is finally complete!

This is the great wall of photos. I have a baby photo of each Micah and I, and then a variety of pictures of Daisy. I spray painted all the frames orange and hung pink ribbon vertically down the wall to line up the photos. I painted the changing table to match the crib.
My mom found the armouir and Micah and I picked out the chair both pieces from Sunshine Furniture. Side table from Ikea. Daisy loves the lamp from Grandma Barnard because it is sparkly.

I don't think I could love the window treatments or the chandelier more. Two of my favorite features in the room.

The flower balls I made in honor of my wedding, and the recently completed painting by Mrs. Judy McIntosh. It is from the verse Isaiah 60:1 which was the verse we used at her dedication.
All in all, I love it! Lots of work from me, my mom (bedding and curtains), Judy McIntosh, and of course Micah to assemble it all!