Friday, August 28, 2009


Nuff said.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I forgot to Drain the Grease!

I was once again inspired to make a delicious dish by The Pioneer Woman- coq-au-vin. This was going to be my come back dish- my come back from, "I just had a baby I shouldn't have to cook anything fancy for a few weeks." The flavor of this dish is truly exquisite and I would highly recommend anyone making this dish (I did use baby portabello mushrooms instead of white). I didn't take pictures of how mine turned out and I wish I would have just for you readers because well, I forgot to drain the grease. So, I had to let the dish settle and cool, and then drain as much of the grease as I could before we could eat it! When done properly, the picture above shows you what it should look like, and here is the recipe. Like I said, you should make this one, just remember that all important step of draining the grease!

Also, in all fairness to my "come back", I am not all the way back. Micah is almost home from work and I have not done anything for dinner but am instead blogging and he will be leaving to play softball. Guess it is a fancy powerbar for dinner tonight!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A fancy Island

So, my talented family, including my husband (Second Assistant Director), my brother (writer and director), and father (executive producer), have been working on a children's DVD series for about 9 years now, Pahappahooey Island. I think we released the first episodes around 2000 to television, but in the last year, we created two new episodes and added a character voiced by Joyce Meyer. Yes, the same Joyce Meyer you know who sounds like a man (as in her voice is that deep), and has an incredible ministry that reaches millions worldwide EVERY day. Well, the first of these two new DVD's, What About Me!?, was released in Wal-Marts yesterday around the U.S.!

As you can probably tell from the title, this DVD teaches the valuable lesson of sharing, playing together and thinking of others instead of yourself all the time. So, if you have a child, or know of a child between the ages of 3-30, you should definitely go out and buy this DVD! (please pass the word on too!!!) For more on the series, visit the web-site

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Update On Becoming a Parent

It broke- the post-partum baby blues are fading! I hesitate to say this too quickly and jinx myself, but the past two days I have felt much closer to normal. There is definitely still some adjustment to a new way of life happening (to a slower yet somehow more sleep deprived state), talking mostly to an infant who doesn't talk back and of course still healing physically, but overall, I feel I a close to being back to myself. It helps that with each day we learn a little bit more about Daisy, and our efforts at a routine are starting to pay off as well.

I do have new sympathy and understanding for other moms and their partners, and especially any mom that goes through baby blues or post-partum depression. It truthfully is hard to admit that you are struggling with that when everyone else is so happy and excited for you. I started taking lots of Omega 3 Oils, probiotics, made as much of a mental decision as I could to work on my attitude so that it wouldn't affect Daisy, and listened to praise and worship music. My mom reminded me of the verse, "put on a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness...", scripture works! Now, I just need to help Micah recover from having to take care of two dependant people!

Feel free to continue praying for us, but I did want to give an update that we are doing better! Below are a few more pictures of us as a new family! Happy two week birthday Daisy!!!

Two days after coming home from the hospital, we took a trip to our backyard.
Micah is a very doting and loving father.

She likes to praise Jesus too; and all on her own.