Thursday, August 27, 2009

I forgot to Drain the Grease!

I was once again inspired to make a delicious dish by The Pioneer Woman- coq-au-vin. This was going to be my come back dish- my come back from, "I just had a baby I shouldn't have to cook anything fancy for a few weeks." The flavor of this dish is truly exquisite and I would highly recommend anyone making this dish (I did use baby portabello mushrooms instead of white). I didn't take pictures of how mine turned out and I wish I would have just for you readers because well, I forgot to drain the grease. So, I had to let the dish settle and cool, and then drain as much of the grease as I could before we could eat it! When done properly, the picture above shows you what it should look like, and here is the recipe. Like I said, you should make this one, just remember that all important step of draining the grease!

Also, in all fairness to my "come back", I am not all the way back. Micah is almost home from work and I have not done anything for dinner but am instead blogging and he will be leaving to play softball. Guess it is a fancy powerbar for dinner tonight!

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