Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My husband is 32!

Micah turned 32 on September 1st. (I realize some of these posts are a little out of order- but hey, I'm a new mom and get to these things when I can!) Here is his daughter giving him his first ever present from her (dirty diapers not counted):

It was a framed photo for him to keep in his office of this picture:

We celebrated with margaritas and dinner downtown at El Guapo on his actual birthday, and then when his family came in town they babysat and gave us a night out! We played golf together and went to a sports bar and grille for dinner and to watch the first OU game of the season. I love him and look forward to spending the rest of our days and birthdays together!

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  1. Late Happy Birthday to Micah!!! That picture of Daisy is hard-core cuteness. So perfectly adorable. She's lucky to have such great parents who are recording her life so beautifully.