Friday, October 2, 2009

Garden and Gun

If you are wondering where I have been, well I was in Europe. Yes, I wrote that correctly, EUROPE. I went to Switzerland and Austria as Micah was the best man in a wedding there recently. So, of course many posts coming on the trip and all the fanciness there, but first, before I left, I encountered this magazine in Whole Foods:

I don't have the words. I took a picture on my phone because I didn't think anyone would believe me that this magazine existed and I was sure I was not going to see anything like this in Europe. So when I wanted to be reminded of what it was like to live in America, well, I just looked at this photo. (okay, in truth, it never came to that. I didn't look at this once but I knew I had the option.)

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  1. Haha! This is soo fun. Can you believe that people actually subscribe to this??? Too much. Only in Oklahoma.

    We go to Italy in less than a month. I think we leave on the 17th! I can't WAIT!!! Greg and I had some air miles and in June (days before we found out we were pregnant) we decided to go on one last "just us" vacation. Well, it's part vacation- we will speak a few times while we are there. But even that is fun for us. NYC is a stop over. So we will only be there one day. (CRAMMING in as much fun as we possibly can!!!)

    I hear ya on the baby room projects... so many to do. Maybe we can do a craft night sometime and try to crack out a few together. I need to talk to my Dr. and see if I am allowed to paint at all. I have some art that I want to make for Zion- if not, then I am going to go the screen printing route.