Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day

Micah is working on a feature film at the moment, so our time together is about 1.5 hours each evening until we both collapse in bed around 10:00pm. (I know, we are party animals!) So, knowing he wouldn't want a full dinner and that we would be too tired for much, and that we didn't have a babysitter, we had a small celebration of our big love, and no, not big love as in multiple wives. There is just me, and I am pretty sure he would say that I am plenty to handle. Micah had flowers delivered for Daisy and I on Saturday, and on Valentine's evening I tried surprising him with heart shaped brownies with raspberry whipping cream (so it would be pink), steamed artichoke and sparkling French limonade. I say "tried" because I didn't have it all ready when he walked in because it happened to coincide with bath, dinner and bed-time for Daisy, so it was still sitting on the counter when he came home. Oh well, it was the effort that night! After, Daisy was finally alseep, I served it candlelight picnic style to step-up the romance a bit. It was a small celebration, but still a wonderful evening and a good nod in a busy schedule to something so incredibly important - Love. I do love my husband very much.

Everytime I have tried (4 times) to include pictures on this post, it crashes, so since it is already so far after Valentine's Day, this is going up without the pics of our picnic or heart-shaped brownies.

To make the heart shaped brownies, I made them in a pan, then cut out a square portion and stamped the square with the cookie cutter. For the raspberry whipping cream, I added some of the Torani Raspberry Flavored syrup and a little sugar to whipping cream. It was really delicious and I don't usually like fruit and chocolate together (unless it is strawberries)! However, If you have never tried a steamed artichoke, I would highly recommend you make that, serve alongside some lemon butter for dipping- mmmm I think I want celebrate Valentine's all over again!

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