Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Snowpocolypse

Oklahoma has been hit by a snow storm that apparently is so severe we haven't seen one like it in 100 years! The proof is my backyard. The railroad tie you see peeking out is about my waist level, and the snow is almost there! It does make for a wonderful week of being snowed in with my husband and baby though. Daisy is quite enjoying snow for her snacks.
And this all brings me to my "fancy find" I want to share. There is a good chance you already know about the iphone and ipad app, Epicurious, but if you don't, well, you need to download it. The app is free and it has tons of recipes and is updated often so it fits with holiday planning or specialialty categories like cocktails even. For valentines day they have sinful desserts and chocolate dessert categories as well as romantic dinner recipes. Since we were anticipating the great snow, I did have to meal plan and grocery shop yesterday and here is my menu for the next week + (the snow is expected to last one week):
Winter Vegetable Soup and Artisan bread
Roast Turkey and Winter Vegetables
Tuscan Turkey Soupy Noodles
Black Beans and Rice
Chicken with balsamic roasted brussell sprouts
Chicken Ceasar Salad
Curried Lentil Soup
Braised Chicken with Dates and Morrocon Spices
Homemade Hummus
Roasted tomatoes with mozzerella
Can you tell I love my veggies roasted? I am sure if they are amazing I will share the full recipe here, but until then, download Epicurious!

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