Monday, July 5, 2010

Why I Started This Blog

Remember the cute headband post from a few days ago? Well, that same friend, Brenda Horan, just posted a link to this site that sells the MOST FANCY AND AMAZING BABY SHOES I HAVE EVER SEEN. I could easily spend all my money buying these, so since that is the case I probably won't buy any because I wouldn't be able to stop. It's like those chips, you can't have just one. It is these kinds of "fancy" things that make my heart smile and why I started this blog; well, these shoes and imagining my most beautiful daughter wearing them.

Speaking of my most beautiful daughter. One of my biggest struggles as a mom was the whole sleep issue. Having watched the babywise DVDs and read numerous books on the subject of baby sleep, I thought I understood everything I needed to do to get my daughter to sleep well from the get-go. Turns out, the books just don't give room for the babies that have to grow into loving to sleep and learning to nap, which was the case with my little flower. I fortunately found another mommy-blog that was also a "baby-wise mom" and her baby didn't learn to nap longer than 45 minutes until 13 months old. Reading that blog was so comforting because after trying cry-it-out a couple times and various other less extreme methods, nothing worked. Well, I am proud to say that Daisy is doing significantly better on her naps, and it is now more the norm for her to take 1.5 hour naps than the 45 minute naps. If she wakes up at 45 minutes, most of the time she is able to put herself back to sleep. Tonight, when I laid her down still awake, she flipped over onto her stomach grabbed her bear and put her butt in the air as fast as she could, looked at me and then just calmly closed her eyes as if she couldn't wait to go to sleep. It was such a great moment for me. So, for any other moms out there struggling wtih sleep issues, your baby can learn to sleep and sometimes they just have to grow into it!

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