Monday, September 20, 2010

A Life Update (no, we're not pregnant)

So, I was talking to a friend who lives in another state a couple weeks ago, and shockingly she does not have a facebook account to keep up with life there, so I thought for her sake and anyone else, I would give a brief update. So here goes...

I recently completed two sprint traithlons! The second one, my mom competed with me and I am proud to say we both finished. I think that will be one memory I will cherish forever!

Us before the race around 5:30am!

Micah may be changing jobs in the next couple months - to what? We don't know either.

Daisy is a full-on toddler!!! She is running her legs and her mouth quite frequently. Definitely has a will of her own, LOVES being around mommy, goes to Mom's Day Out Pre-school twice a week and generally just has so much personality! She loves to play with toilet plungers (we try not to let her when we see her with it), she still loves to snuggle any and all stuffed animals, and as much fun as she can be, she can also be a challenge with that spirited personality of hers. I am still reading parenting books, trying to find a "Growing Kids God's Way Class" and desperately praying at least once a week on how to be a better parent!

The Newman side of the family all went on vacation in the first part of August to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It was SO fun for all the cousins to play together. They loved it, and we loved it.

Micah's parents moved up from Texas to Bartlesville, OK so they are much closer and his sister moved to Frisco, TX with her fiance and they are expecting a baby! (Yeah! Another cousin for Daisy!)

We feel blessed in life with great friends, family close by, lots of love and all the physical necessities, plus some (including a new washer and dryer that Daisy likes to sit and watch run since it has a window in the front)! Thanks for reading my blog and being a part of our lives.

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