Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Updated Home Exterior

So, I feel I must apologize now to all people who feel that stone and wood should never be painted (my in-laws included), because well, I paint them. Remember this:

Well, this time I painted stone. We had a darker, 70's style and tone stone - of which there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! However, for my personal taste, I felt it was a bit dark and cold in feeling and made our house feel somewhat squaty in stature. So, here is the before and after.

I really LOVE the way the new color shows off all of Micah's hard work on the lawn (and hopefully one year some really great landscaping to go along with that), and I also still love the new accent color which is my front door. I am undecided on keeping my flower boxes the accent color though versus changing them to the trim (cappucino) color instead and letting the flowers next spring inside the boxes be the color. But, I was too done with painting to re-do them. So, I will just decide next spring! Next project - re-doing my office and making it a bit more feminine since I do spend so much time in here now that I work from home!

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