Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Fancy Christmas Idea

Sorry for the long delay in posts - out of town family staying with us, holiday weekend, and then I got sick! : ( But, to bring all the cheeriness back, I am posting one of my favorite holiday gift items for your enjoyment today. I found these last year on a really fun web-site that sells rediculous but often funny gift shop type items - I would highly suggesting looking at that web-site for gifts (or go to for more ideas).

Being a woman, that often means dish duty after the holiday feast, unless you happen to be married to a man like my husband who voluntarily does most of the dishes (I am a BLESSED woman!). So, to protect those delicate hands and hopefully bring a little more cheer to doing the dishes, try wearing these.

One warning- husbands, do NOT buy this for your wife for Christmas. She probably won't find it endearing that you want her to do more dishes.


  1. Those are hilarious! At first glance, they just look like bloated, disembodied Muppet hands too. :)

  2. I love these!!!!!! I would totally wear these! And Darshan would totally make fun of me! :)