Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fancy Pants

I apologize again for the delay in postings- my how time flies! I hope my dear few readers all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Years. As part of the celebrations at my parents house, my Mom completely cleared out her hall / entryway closet to make "Ellie and Myra's Christmas Cottage"- a little Christmas bungalow complete with gold glittery stars, Christmas lights, tea-sets, mini table, dolls and a play kitchen stocked with all the necessary accessories (real candy to pretend bake, toy blenders...) The granddaughters spent much time (and therefore my parents with them) enjoying their cottage while they were at the Newman's for the Holidays.

Well, somehow in unearthing all that joy and clearing out the closet, an old pair of my childhood panties was found. You might ask why we had held on to a pair of my childhood panties and I would say, "that is a valid question". I will also add to that "valid question" response, that it is because they are notoriously fancy. In case any of you wondered when I grew an appreciation for fancy things, you will now learn that it started at a very young age. These are not just any normal panties, they had lace on them! The lace was supposed to be worn in the back, over the bum, however, I wanted to look at the lace so I would wear these panties backwards and with no other clothes so that I could appreciate the lace and fanciness of my toddler underwear. In case you don't believe me, well, here is a picture of my fancy pants.
Since part of the effort of this blog is to provide ideas for others on fancy things, temporarily emptying out a closet, corner space, or any other fort-like hideaway is truly a genius idea to keep kids entertained. It keeps the children in one area, makes them feel special (and fancy if you add the glitter), and definitely provides hours of occupation. Just make sure they are easily within ear shot and reach in case anything traumatic happens (example below of Myra after sneaking in water in to the cottage and giving herself a refreshing splash!) I would also highly recommend purchasing some fancy pants for those girly toddlers in your life. They provide memories for a lifetime.

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