Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Belly After Eating

In case you have ever wondered what a pregnant belly looks like from the mother's perspective, here is a picture. I also wanted to show this because it seems I can't keep food off my belly when I eat. I have figured out that this is because I have to lean so far forward at an angle to get my face over a table or else rest my plate on my stomach in order to prevent crumbs from landing there. So, this is after eating a sandwich, and yes, we were in such a hurry that I ate in the car. At least I wasn't driving!


  1. I like that you were eating in the car but eating off your pretty plates. :) While I was pregnant (both times), I often wondered, "Do I always drop half of what I'm eating? Or does this have something to do with pregnancy brain?"

  2. that pic is hilarious! i remember resting a cup of tea on my belly w/o even thinking about it... that was a weird/sad/hilarious moment when i realized just how big i really was. you are adorable! looking forward to meeting your baby girl!