Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nursery Update

So, I went to the manufacturer of the polka dot fabric I really liked, and while there I found a different fabric that I love! So, I am switching. Here is the new nursery fabric (yes, it is silk). It will only be used on the bed skirt and then as trim in other places, the solid fabrics you see with this will be used for bumper, curtains, etc. and that is made of cotton and polyester so it is more washable.

My parents also bought us an armoire over the weekend for the nursery. It is unlike any you have seen in that is has 4 colors on it and is a very whimsical shape. I have not 100% decided if I will leave it all colorful or if I will end up painting it to match the crib I have picked out. But, I am just happy that decisions have been made! That makes me feel a little better about only being 12 weeks away from my due date! I will post pics of the armoire soon.

I need some ideas on window treatments. Anyone have suggestions?


  1. Love it!!! That is so folksy and beautiful at the same time. You need a stuffed Matryoshka doll to sit in the crib. :)

    Window treatments... Perhaps patchwork shades? I don't have a lining in my nursery curtains, but I do think that's a good idea too. Although, I think you have blinds, right?

    I really do love that fabric. Who makes it?

  2. You chose the most divine fabric imaginable! LOVE IT! I have been on the hunt for new curtains myself. FB me and let me know what type of curtains you want and I might be able to point you in the right direction since I have experimented with almost every kind of curtain imaginable!