Saturday, May 16, 2009

A New Embarrasing Moment

I am not one of those people that has had the luxury of walking through life without embarrassing moments. Whether it is accidentally flipping my school uniform skirt over my head in drama class in high school, peeing the bed in college, or any other number of stories. Well, I have recently added a new one, and surprisingly, this one is not pregnancy related. I made lamb burgers with cucumber and feta sauce for dinner for Micah and I one night (I told you, I like lamb all the sudden!). It was a pretty evening, so I suggested that while I make dinner, Micah create a fire in the fire-pit in the backyard. We sat outside for a couple of hours, eating, talking, and enjoying a nice date night at home together.

The Fire Culprit

Then knowing what we had coming up that weekend we decided to go to Target and run a quick errand. So, here is where it gets embarrassing...
I mentioned to Micah that we probably smelled like smoke, but he brushed it off and said it wasn't too big a deal. So, at Target we are shopping and an employee was helping us when all the sudden she asked, "do you smell fire? I think something is burning." We shyly admitted she was just smelling us and that we had been at a bonfire. We quickly left the area, and then Micah went to try on a pair of jeans while I looked at maternity clothes. He called me on my phone to come look, so I quickly gave him the "nah, not that great", and started to walk away when I heard the four attendants at the dressing room start asking what was burning. They were so concerned they were checking their walkie-talkies for fire, asked if they thought someone was smoking in the dressing rooms...I quickly backed away and called Micah. Micah picked up the phone by responding, "I hear every word." I told him we were leaving, our smell was causing panic to break out at Target! I walked to get basil, and on my way happened to pass the hairspray aisle, and I will admit, I sprayed hairspray on my clothes to try and lessen the smell. I don't think it helped. We quit shopping at that point and quickly checked out with our few items. We couldn't stop laughing on our way out- I was mortified we smelled so bad that multiple employees were contemplating calling the fire department, but fortunately, no one did and the false alarm of a fire at target from two smelly customers was averted! I made us take all our clothes off in the laundry room before walking into our house when we got back, so fortunately, our home never smelled quite that bad!

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