Friday, February 13, 2009

My Latest Blog Inspirations

Micah is working all day tomorrow, so we won't be doing anything big for Valentine's Day, at least that he knows of (insert wink here)! In case he reads this, I can't spill the secret just yet. But, I did want to share some fancy ideas with you in the meantime from ideas I gathered and have since evolved in my own head from other fun blogs I like to frequent.

The above are meant to be gift tags, but I thought if they were made a bit larger you could make custom door tags as a gift to your sweetheart. They could contain secret codes which I won't try to make up here, or they could be rather straight to the point "yes, I am in the mood." (That kind of message serves almost as "coupon" too which could be seen as an extra valentine's bonus!)
I recently posted about my ruffled panties as a toddler, to which one of my friends just mailed me a pair of ruffly panties in homage. She is also the friend that knows that "panty" is one of my least favorite words, up there with "convergys". (don't ask me what that is, I just see it on a building and I don't like it). But, these panties are adorable. I don't actually know what they were intended to be, but I thought they would be a great drawer sache' if filled with potpouri for an intimates drawer and would be a perfect gift to girlfriends on Valentine's day.
Okay, so I am now done talking about Valentine's day and am just completely on blog inspirations. A local artist in Tulsa handstitched stuffed felt in various shapes (birds and hearts mostly) onto small painted canvas'. The pic above is similar as is the pic below which comes from my dear friend and fellow-blogger- Kristena.
I have been struggling to come up with art for the hall-bathroom so I decided I would do something similar to these and the canvas idea. I first am going to re-paint the bathroom to a gray before I work on any of the art. So, pics will be forthcoming when I actually get around to this project. For my last blog inspiration (and I need your input on this one!)...

I am almost at the half-way pregnancy point! Or I will be in about 2 weeks. This was her half-way point photo. Any ideas for me? I have been taking pictures every month in the same place and in the same outfit to show the progression of growth, but I would also like to take some fun ones like this at different landmarks like the half-way point, when we find out boy or girl, some with Micah... So, any ideas?
Fancy that!
(thanks to Crista Bacca for the log-off line)

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  1. Heather cracks me up; I like her site. Also, I have a tutu and an assortment of wands if you would like to borrow them. After I tell Corey that you are even considering a funny/silly pic like this, he will probably personally drive the outfits over to your house! LOL.