Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valentine's Day Surprise Revealed

So, I mentioned I would tell you all later what my small surprise was for Micah on Valentine's Day and that long-awaited promise has finally come! It ended up being sadly anti-climactic, and we had a guest in town with us for Valentine's and Micah invited over my brother and his girlfriend. While I LOVE company, I was not necessarily expecting a small party on Valentine's Day, but I went ahead as planned. When I finally told Micah my plan shortly after he told me everyone was coming over, he said "oh, you don't need to do that," to which I replied in a more than slight deflated way, "I went to three grocery stores today for this; it is happening."
I surprised him with what was going to be wine for him (sparking juice for me and baby), cheese, fruit and cracker tray and chocolate fondue with an assortment of deserts and fruits, accompanied by a lovely fire and tea-light candles all over fireplace wall.

Well, I think only me and our out-of-town guest ate the fondue, so I can't entirely say it was well worth the effort as a Valentine's surprise for my valentine, but it is the thought that counts right? Let me tell you too- it was fancy! I had sheep cheese, a specially aged cheddar, and a fig and almond cake for the cheese platter, and then lemon and almond mini biscotis, angel food cake, strawberries, and bananas for the fondue platter. Hopefully my anniversary food will go over a little better.


  1. mmmmm.... sounds good. Josh and I LOVE to do fondue. We probably have a special fondue dinner to candlelight like once a month. (After the kids go to bed of course). I would have eaten your fondue surprise with you. =)

  2. Josh needs to train Micah in the ways of enjoying Fondue. Micah is apparently not really a fan. Thanks for the moral support and next time we are together, we should enjoy fondue!

  3. Love it! I am a huge fondue fan- although Greg isn't crazy about it. I even bought a special thingie that you can toast smores on once. Once again, something that I loved and greg smiled at but did not partake in.