Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A "new to me" TV stand

Micah smartly purchased a HD television and stand before ever meeting me knowing that one day when he got married, purchasing that impractical of an item may just not be possible. (fortunately, it is paid off now). The television was sitting on a black and metal three tier stand, which was fine but it also showed all the cables and chords and dust. But then I was inspired by a piece of furniture I saw at Forever 21 that was a bright blue lacquer painted table with ornate details and so began the hunt. I found this 1920's buffet on Craig's List for $50. It was missing some handles and trim work and was also not completely even anymore.

It used to be three long drawers extending the length of the piece until I passed it off to my grandfather. He replaced and repaired some of the original wood, and he also made the middle cupboards, and the sides 3 skinny drawers on each. I then had a really hard time finding the right paint color (of which it still isn't perfect in my opinion), and replaced the handles with some glass ones from Lowe's. And, now I have a statement piece for our living room! It really is one of the first things people comment on whenever they come over, and if we weren't so lazy, the drawers would be a great place to hide the clutter of multiple remotes.

Since this project, I have decided I really like the look of painted wood and now that I am going to be planning a nursery soon, I may start looking on Craig's list again for some paintable items!