Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fancy Feline's

I think it is relatively stereotyped that cats are the fancy animals out of the animal kingdom (with maybe the exception of well-groomed poodles). From their food being called "Fancy Feast", to the bedazzled accessories that can be worn by the felines or their owners, they certainly seem to have cornered the market on "fancy", for animals anyway. (If in doubt, just look to the left.)
Well, my brother shared the most exciting new development in fancy feline wear with me this morning and I couldn't help but pass it along to any of you cat owners. What is this new fanciness you ask? Well, what if I told you, you could purchase your darling family pet a beautiful new wig to give your animal the lustrous hair you always dreamed they could have!? I know, you would purchase one right away wouldn't you? Well, now you can. Here is a sampling:

They come in "Bashful Blond," "Electric Blue", "Silver Fox", and my personal favorite "Pink Passion." Just click here to visit the site to see the glory and fancy for yourself. Please make sure you read the descriptions of each wig, and of course the info on the model- all of it is most satisfying. Enjoy and please do send me pictures of your fancy felines in their new hair-dos! (Be forewarned they are on back order right now so you may have to wait a few weeks!)

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