Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shoelala, The Men's Store for Fancy Shoes

In an episode of The Office (not last week, but the week before), Michael has all these great ideas, including The Golden Ticket offer which gives the customer a 10% discount if they happen to receive the "golden ticket" in their next paper shipment. He also mentions one of his other great ideas, "Shoelala", a store for fancy men's shoes so you can buy for all those special occasions in a man's life, like the birth of a child, wedding...I was so proud because Michael Scott actually used the word "fancy" too! So, I searched around at different shoe stores online to see if I was a purchaser for Shoelala, what I would stock at a Fancy Men's Shoe Store. Here is what I found.
These are the fancy occasions I would suggest they be worn to starting on the top row going from left to right:
1. Summer or spring garden parties as well as the occasional illustrated Easter sermon.
2. Your wedding, or any time you must go to a government office - they will take you seriously if you wear these.
3. Prom or your wedding reception.
4. These are your fancy, around the house slippers.
5. One for every work day + 1 bonus pair that is great for those important meetings.
6. For those footloose moments where you just have to dance. (the heel is not removable)
7. ORU Graduation to really show your school spirit.
8. Your first child's birth- comfortable, stylish, wipeable, and they will blend-in.
9. For any time you meet the emperor in his new clothes.

I wish I could find that specific clip from the episode, but since I can't, here is a link to watch the full episode.
Fancy Schmancy!


  1. hahaha... This is great! I especially love the rainbow assortment days-of-the-week set. :)

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