Friday, March 13, 2009

Raw Steak and Potatoes

No, not raw steak as in beef, but rather, mushroom steaks! Had you fooled didn't I? Well, as you will see in the pictures, I decided last minute instead to use button portobelo mushrooms instead of the large caps. Don't ask me why because I don't remember now why I did that. But, it was all raw, and it was delicious and filling and a hearty meal that any mid-western man or woman would enjoy!

This was the first time I had made these mashed potatoes, but they turned out sooo creamy and delicious. They are made from jicama root and cashews. My husband didn't know what jicama was when he went to the store for me, so for those of you who also might not know what it looks like...

The one thing I did make slightly different than the recipe book, is while I made the stuffing mix, I marinated the mushroom caps in a little Nama Shoyu sauce to give them a little more salt / meat flavor and soften them slightly. If you have a dehydrator, I would put them in there with the Nama Shoyu, stuff them and then return to the dehydrator.

I took pictures of the recipes from my books this time because I did not create these, nor did I tweak these to make them a little more uniquely a "Cheryl Barnard Raw Recipe" (other than the above marinating). So, below are the recipes in their completely original state!

So, if you fancy raw food, or steak and potatoes, give these a try. We brought the left-overs to some friends who are doing raw food for 30 days on a cleanse. They decided to make them themselves now too, so this is easy enough for beginners to make and tasty enough for people who don't usually eat raw food. If you can't see the recipes clearly enough and you really want to make one of these, let me know and I can type it out for you in some really fancy font to make it extra special.

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