Monday, April 27, 2009

Pregnancy Sense of Humor

I enjoy reading the Dooce blog, because while often inappropriate, she also has a great sense of humor and sarcasm, which when related to physical pregnancy symptoms, I relate quite well to. She is 5 weeks ahead of me, so it also gives me a little preparation for what is ahead. Here is one of her latest comments and unfortunately, one I can already understand- I really am ready to go pantless by the end of the day: Every morning before we go upstairs for breakfast I take a look around and figure out what I'm going to need for the day. Because SO HELP ME GOD, I am only going to climb those stairs once. This means that Jon spends a good portion of his day retrieving things for me from the basement. He's very good about not complaining about this act of service, although once after bringing me a pair of pants he dared to ask why I just didn't put them on first thing in the morning. And I was all, dude, may you never have to experience a state of being that makes PUTTING ON PANTS such a loathsome set of contortions that you would seriously consider going grocery shopping in your panties.

I took a picture about two weeks ago of me wearing a pair of shoes that I could no longer put on myself. I haven't quite managed to download that picture to my computer to share it with you, but know it is coming. They are a favorite pair of mine, but alas, I need a partner to buckle them. I think this event may occur in the life of pregnant women to give them a refresher of the best methods of putting shoes on other humans, since I will be dressing my daughters feet for a while until she learns the skills.

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