Friday, April 10, 2009

Big Girl in a Little Tub

My doctor recently told me I need to take it a little easier. I had been experiencing some pain on the right side of my growing baby bump that wasn't going away after days and days. While no other disconcerting symptoms accompanied it, so it didn't seem too critical, it was bothersome nonetheless. So, I took a break as best I can, which apparently meant working until 7:00pm most evenings, (once 9:00pm), and cutting out shopping for nursery bedding last Saturday. My doctor recommended I take a warm bath to see if it would help relax whatever was going on. So, I gave it a try and it made me think of Chris Farley's SNL character saying "fat guy in a little coat", only instead it was "big girl in a little tub." My bath lasted maybe 4 minutes. In order to get the right side of my belly in the water, I had to lay on my side which left the other side exposed to the cold air (in comparison), if I laid down on my back, my belly was sticking out above the water, so I tried leaning over my legs until they fell asleep and my back was too cold and well, I gave up. So, lesson learned- unless you have a jacuzzi tub, it is really hard to get a pregnant belly submerged. Obviously, no pictures to accompany this post!

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  1. Cheryl,
    This is absolutely hilarious! I laughed outloud because I can remember feeling that way myself...nope, not even going to try it, the contortions are just not worth it! Nothing can prepare you for the way your body changes and adapts during pregnancy! Be blessed, it's only for a short time and you will be back to normal (or "new normal" as we refer to it in our house) soon! Can't wait to hear who wins the gender competition! Talk to you soon. Christy Stubbs