Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My husband is a notorious competitor, he can turn anything into a competition. So, to honor that personality trait, I devised a way we could make deciding the gender a competition as well. We had some house guests a couple weeks ago, and they helped us with the initial coin toss, to keep things fair.

(Dane tossing the official coin while I look on)
We have been unable to tell the gender of the baby because our dear child keeps it legs in the way. Yes, I asked if I could sit-up, do the truffle shuffle, would the doctor shake my belly (which he did) I ate a piece of cake and coffee before going in for the last ultrasound and still our child is relaxed enough or just modest enough to stay covered. I was distraught enough I told Micah I was already ready to dish out spankings (relax, not really). So, when we do find out, hopefully April 20th, we plan to make the announcement on who has won the competition. Back to competing. I guessed "heads".

Which means I could pick whether or not I thought the baby was a boy or girl. Micah had to automatically then, take the opposite. I picked girl, so he represents boy. So, when we do finally find out, whoever represents the actual gender of our baby gets to purchase the first outfit for the baby, or pick-out the coming home outfit for the hospital. We each want to win, not because we care about the gender of our baby, but like I said, we like to compete.


  1. How fun! We are the same way. We will make up a competition to a competition just to make the stakes EXTRA high. So much fun...

  2. Anyone who picks a boy gets 4-1 odds.

  3. I'm predicting girl because Emily's a girl and did the same modesty-thing to keep us guessing. :) Of course it could just be some first-born personality trait that involves driving your parents nuts...

  4. I have NO real reason why, but I have felt strongly that it is a girl: ) In any case I am soooooo excited and happy for you, dear!