Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How Well do you Know ...

Remember this picture?
Here is what it looks like normally.
We are holding a little game I ordered at Christmas time for a stocking stuffer for Micah and I - How Well Do You Know Your Wife / Husband. I thought it might be funny and enlightening as well as continue to foster discussion. We have of course made a game of it with point systems, but all in the name of fun (obviously, look at our smiles). Here are some sample questions:
What is his mother's phone number?
What side does she part her hair on?
Your Husband has used a dictionary in the last 7 days. True or False?
What is Your Wife's favorite flavor of ice-cream?
If he/she found $50 on the street, would he/she (a) look around for who could have dropped it and return it. (b) pocket it quickly (c) look for the closest store to buy a gift for you.

I honestly can't remember who is winning this game right now, but I do think it is about time we pull it back out again and answer a few more questions. I will let you know who wins the next round.

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