Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have been so bored with breakfast lately. Mostly because I don't like to get up early in order to make something really delicious. And while Micah is a great help in the kitchen, without specific instructions, he either doesn't make it (and doesn't eat), or he makes exactly what I made the day before - which I appreciate, but this girl or rather these girls (as I currently am two), prefer a little variety. So, I was so excited to stumble upon the the Smitten Kitchen blog. And just look at this page of breakfast ideas! I still might not get up early enough to make any of these, but at least I have inspiration.

She takes great pictures too! Here is a sampling:

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  1. I am the most boring breakfast eater of all. I eat one protein bar, same brand, same flavor everyday. I will have to check out this blog though! Thanks!