Friday, April 10, 2009

Newly Organized Closet

In my nesting stage, I wanted to re-organize some closets, and get rid of more clutter. So, I moved all the gift supplies (wrapping paper, bows, tissue paper, bags, actual gifts...) to the study instead of one of the bedroom closets. Then I put Micah and I's old photo albums on a very top shelf in the bedroom closet where these supplies used to be, since I don't access those all too often. Here is the result:

I used the clothing rack as my new ribbon rack so I can see displayed the various ribbons available for making presents pretty! Micah will soon be adding some dowel rods so I can also hang the curling ribbon spools. And here was the first present I wrapped after newly organizing the closet!

Congratulations to Montana and Leslie on their wedding!


  1. wow, I get excited just looking at such an organized closet. Seriously, I LOVE organization and I think your gift wrap closet looks lovely, and fancy... =)