Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby Shower Baby Mommas

So, I have helped to throw a good amount of baby showers in my short 26 years of life already, and I have one coming up this Saturday. I was meeting last night with the other girls who are doing significantly more than me on this particular shower, but I did tell them my secret baby shower game I have been trying to develop for a while. I have not been brave enough to pull it off yet though, maybe because it is not quite fancy enough. But, I will share the loose pieces of my idea here and feel free to weigh in.
Well, I always thought it would be fun, if EVERYONE at the shower looked pregnant, not just the real mom to be! I don't intend it to go quite like this video as it would be obviously fake; I am hoping it will be a really silly game and more importantly some great lasting photos with black mail potential. Basically, each woman is given a balloon or a pillow to stuff under her shirt to look pregnant (if her shirt is too small she will be given an apron to fit it under, of course she is then required to be barefoot and in the kitchen if she is wearing an apron.)
The game, can then be one of many options I have thought about:
1. who can pop the other woman's balloons and be the last one standing with a fake pregnant belly (potential hazards: poking the pregnant woman's belly with a sharp object, balloons popping on non-pregnant bellies could still be painful)
2. who can blow their balloon or position the pillow to be closest in size to the circumference of the pregnant woman's protruding belly. (potential hazard: larger women may be quite embarrassed by the smallness of their balloons in an effort to be accurate)
3. We have a waddling contest to see who has the best pregnant waddle.
4. A speed shoe tying contest.

I told my friends those ideas last night when we were talking about games knowing it was really far fetched that I could actually get a group of women to ever participate in something so silly, but I was pleasantly surprised when Kelly said she would do that for me at my baby shower whenever that is. And she was pretty sure she could get Joan to participate as well. So, thanks Kelly and Joan for being real friends who will one day, don fake pregnant bellies.

Soon, I will post some more legitimate and actual fancy baby shower ideas.

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  1. ha ha! that's awesome cheryl! i especially love the waddling contest and shoe-tying contest. and don't you worry your fancy little head about a thing - i will most definitely be there. :)