Friday, November 21, 2008

New Fancified Magnet Tutorial

I was looking at my fridge a while ago, and while we have already moved our magnets to the side of the fridge versus the front in an effort to de-clutter, it wasn't helping enough. Our magnets are a complete mixture of radio stations, hospitals, The office quotes...So, I decided I would try to make them a little more uniform. I still had fabric scraps left over from creating this wall piece in my living room that I decided I would use for this project to help tie the two rooms together.

So, I used a craft glue to adhere all my magnets to a different piece of the fabric. I put the glue on, let it harden slightly, and then pressed it to the fabric and let it dry even further on the fabric.

Then using a fabric blade that I borrowed from crafty Kristena, I cut out all the magnets and finally had uniform magnets for my fridge!

The fridge still looks a little cluttered, but that is more because of my refusal to take down pictures and pretty invitations than having anything to do with the now uniform and graphic assortment of magnets!

My friend Kristena, was working on her magnets with me. I love Kristena's sense of style, it is so old-fashioned, eclectic and charming. Here is a picture of what she created the same day.

You can see her tutorial on how she created these magnet on her blog here.


  1. Great tutorial, Cheryl! And thanks for the sweet words. I look forward to crafting with you again soon! :)

  2. Hi CHeryl...welcome to the world of blogging!!! Kristin