Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fancy Baby Shower Ideas

I thought I would share some of my recent baby shower decoration items with you. One of my favorite baby shower ideas is the use of bottles for cups for all the guests. I do this quite often at baby showers, unless it is a couple's shower. The men don't seem quite as game to drink from them! Bottles can be quite expensive, but for showers, you just need the cheap kind- plain and clear. You can get them at resale shops, dollar stores, wal-mart and Targets. I cut a hole in the nipple so guests can use a straw to drink out of, and depending on the color theme for the shower, I also tie ribbons around the neck of the bottle.
For another baby boy shower, we had a ribbon theme throughout. We used a ribbon to tie on the ceiling and with clothes pins we attached all kinds of baby boy onesies, then we used the ribbon to help add decoration to the tables, they were on the metal flower buckets, on the tiered cake...It all looked lovely.

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  1. Those are great ideas. I'll have to keep those in mind for my sister's showers. BTW, I have a "fancy" award for you on my blog.