Friday, November 14, 2008

My Brother, The Conquistador

I was at my parents house last night when my brother found an old costume upstairs (my mom used to create costumes for stage shows and film). all of us kids have a penchant for dressing up, and fortunately, most of us still enjoy it and will still play dress-up from time to time. And now, you too can enjoy his impromptu dressing! This is my brother as a Fancy Conquistador! If I could speak Spanish, I would say something fitting.

Not to be outdone, and so he doesn't feel so bad, I am also including some other pictures of me and my family playing dress-up in the past while. Please note, only one of these photos comes from Halloween, the one day a year adults are supposed to play dress up.

I have a fancy family.


  1. Very fancy indeed!! Thanks for sharing. Lauren & Evan would love spending time with your parents. Dressing up is their 2nd favorite thing to do (1st is playing hungry hippo with all the marbles at once... or course).

  2. Ok, now this is hilarious!!