Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Slumber Soiree

Jeni is a long-time friend of mine (and cousin to my bff since I was born - really, that is true). Jeni and I both toured with a dancing stage production that presented an allegory of the gospel, The Toymaker's Dream. Well, many of us that toured still live in the same city and Jeni is so good about getting us all together still. So, we recently had a grown girls (+ 1 baby) slumber party! It was a wonderful time had by all, along with an incredible root soup with creme' fraiche (working on getting the recipe), and the fanciest of home-made chocolates from Burdick Chocolates in California. Since it was Halloween night, our chocolates came in an equally fancy coffin shaped box, complete with hazelnut ganache white chocolate ghost shaped bon-bons. To top off all the fanci-ness, Jeni calls all her parties "soirees", and I think I love that word.

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  1. Cheryl. I love this-very fancy indeed. I will dream of chandeliers and creme fraiche tonight! Thank you for the mind vacation. Love ya. Heather