Monday, November 17, 2008

The Lingerie Shower

Well, the lingerie shower that I was helping to host this weekend was a great success! We had so much fun together, the food, champagne, company, and gifts were all fantastic. So, here is a picture of some of the food we had- Mocha Bon-Bons are the mini cup-cake looking things (thanks Merle), cheese tray with brie, gorgonzola (my personal favorite), and a colby and sharp cheddar, with apples and crackers, chocolate covered strawberries, and mini skewers with a banana pepper, pepper jack cheese, sausage, and a grape tomatoe. I never said any of it would be healthy! One of these days I will throw a party with all raw food, but most people just don't know to appreciate the work, the genius, or the health benefits of it, so it makes it not as fun to do unless you know your guests will appreciate it.
My new favorite activity for lingerie showers is to name the bride's different outfits and then the groom gets to pick from the list of names we created for each one to pick that evening's lingerie. This should be pretty funny for the couple after they get married, especially with names like: "Hello, Mr. Darcy", "All that Glitters is Gold," and "Santa Baby."

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