Monday, November 10, 2008

Wine and Cheese Parties Part 2

I just recently ordered this book and I am really excited about it! And, since I just posted some ideas on wine and cheese parties, this book is a perfect accompaniment! In The Wine Trials, the last third of the book is all specific wines, a description of each, and their approximate price (it varies from region to region of course). The wines they list are all wines that they did blind taste testings on, and they are wines are $15 or less and in the taste testing, they beat out wines that are $50 and over! So, this book will give great suggestions on pairing with foods, tanins, notes, pricing, and therefore will make a great wine and cheese party planning companion! (I actually ordered some for Christmas gifts this year too for some friends who enjoy wine and want to get good buys too). Enjoy!

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