Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raw Black Tar Desert Tart

As promised (if you received my e-mail), I made the Raw Black Tar Tart. Personally, I think that is a pretty horrible name for a raw food dish as it is about as appetizing as, well, tar. However, the dish itself is quite chocolately and wonderful. Normally, I am in the bizarre category of people who do not like plain chocolate very much. If you give me Godiva, it may sit in my pantry for a few months before I toss it out, unless it has caramel or nuts in it. Hot chocolate has little interest and I only eat an occasional brownie, but I have eaten a piece of my Black Tar Tart every day since I made it! (2 days) You can get the recipe here. I have been making more and more raw desserts lately for two reasons: 1. I LOVE desserts (just not plain chocolate ones), and 2. I don't feel quite so guilty about eating a raw dessert as I do a full-on sugar fest in a conventional dessert.
I will say the recipe makes a very large quantity, so I would recommend doing half of this, and using it as a chocolate sauce instead of trying to make it into a chocolate pie. I can't seem to get the crust cold enough in the freezer to truly solidify the filling of the tar sauce, where as it did solidify more in the tupperware where the coldness of the freezer was able to make it thicker. (at least that is my logic on the difference) Overall, the taste of this black tar sauce is hard to beat! I love having a fancy sweet, albeit healthy too, treat to eat. Enjoy!

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