Thursday, November 6, 2008

DIY Flower Balls

For my wedding, I envisioned huge balls of flowers hanging over-head as my husband and I exchanged vows. It was however a little bit out of our budget to have our florist create those out of fresh flowers, so I had to get a little inventive and I decided to make them myself. They turned out beautifully and I thought I would share the project with you. Since it was around wedding time I don't have a ton of pictures of the steps, but I do have pics of the finished products and the steps are pretty easy. These are now sitting on top of a dresser in one of our guest rooms, and I hope to one-day use them in a nursery. I have also since rented these out for many other weddings in the last 1.5 years and actually made some money! These can be used for so many functions, parties, events, holidays, or just for decoration. So, here is how you make them:
stirofoam balls of any size, scissors, spray paint (in a somewhat matching color to the flowers), fishing string (for hanging), nail anchor (only necessary if you do a really large one), and optional- hot glue gun.
1. Spray paint the ball to match the color of the flowers (for peek-aboo holes)
2.. wrap fishing string around the dry ball a few times and at a few angles so that you know it will hold.
3. cut the stems of the flowers until they are only about 1 in. long
4. place a dot of hot glue, and stick the stem of the flower into the stirofoam.
5. repeat step #4 going in a circle around the flower you put in place, keep widening the circle until the ball is full.
6. Hang your new beautiful floral arrangements!

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  1. Wonderful idea, they look amazing, I will be making some for my wedding. Thank you for telling us how you made them.